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Beginning Adult Modern/Jazz Dance:

No previous dance experience necessary. Class starts with a slow , gentle warm up , followed by center exercises deigned to introduce the principles of modern and jazz dance technique. Class progresses to steps across the floor, and simple modern and jazz dance routines

Ballet /Modern1 (Ages 5&6)

Students learn basic Ballet positions and steps combined with Modern Dance exercises designed to enhance rhythm and musicality. Creativity through the use of story dance and improvisation is encouraged. Class ends with basic ballet/modern locomotors traveling steps across the  floor.

Classical Ballet Program( 7 and older)

This class is designed for dancer wishing to enhance their technique. This class will teach the basics of ballet in a way which complements our school’s commitment to modern dance

Choreography, levels 1 and 2 (10 Years and older or by audition)

This class is meant to connect choreography to the dancer’s ideas and promote dance as personal expression. Class starts with a proper warm-up, and includes expressive exercises. Students are encouraged to work in small groups.  One other D-o-H technique class required to take this class..

 Modern Jazz 1,2 , (Ages6-8, 9-12)

This program offers an education in a wide variety of modern and jazz styles. This year, Hip Hop moves will be incorporated as well. This class builds strength and technique. Emphasis is placed on rhythm, timing, and personal style. .

Teen Jazz: More challenging class, , above mentioned description., Entrance by audition or instructor permission

Pre-Ballet/Modern Dance: (Ages 3 & 4 Years)

Children are introduced to Ballet and Modern Dance fundamentals though the use of Creative Movement plays.  Exercises are done in a circle to piano music, rhymes and songs.  Tiny backs are strengthened, feet are pointed and flexed. Story dances encouraging creativity are included.

Technique and repertory

This class is for the more committed dancer, who wishes to have additional training and performance eexpereince.Class begins with a  ballet/modern warmup followed, by work on a long piece which could be developed over the course of the term. Choreographic opportunities as the instructor sees appropriate .Two other DOH classes required to take this class

Teen Hip Hop-

A fun class for  teens! Class starts with warm up , and hip hop moves are incorporated in the center. Hip hop dance worked on for our yearly recital this class is not a technique class , and cannot be counted towards technique/rep .or choreography class requirements

Class Descriptions

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